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    London - Beijing - Shanghai - Hong Kong - Singapore
    Mandarin Courses
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    London - Beijing - Shanghai - Hong Kong - Singapore
    Practical Courses
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    London - Beijing - Shanghai - Hong Kong - Singapore
    Business or Personal
Mandarin City

Mandarin Specialists

Welcome in Mandarin


Tap into the world's largest marketplace. Take a fascinating new route in your personal development.
We offer the right Mandarin course for you.

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Group Courses

Practical courses of Mandarin in London and other world cities, with native speaker teachers. From short courses to full-fledged programmes.


Workshops for a quick induction and survival skills, or specific skills like speaking or reading only. A great way to start or to develop your linguistic skills in Mandarin.

Online Training

World service. Wherever you are we have a Mandarin teacher available for courses using our online teaching platform.

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Our Profile

Mandarin City focuses exclusively on teaching Mandarin.
Our courses cover a range of levels, course types and skills.
These include quick courses for those travelling to China who want to be equipped with linguistic survival skills aiming at basic social interaction for business or pleasure; medium-term solid practical courses for business or personal interest, and full-fledged courses at all levels for those who would like to start or develop a serious long term commitment to study Mandarin.